$7.4 M Boost to Marine and Hydrokinetic Systems Development


Recently the Department of Energy announced that Re Vission Consulting, LLC (Sacramento, CA), Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Virginia), Dehlsen Associates, LLC (Santa Barbara, CA), and Pennsylvania State University (State College, PA) were selected to receive $7.4 M “to spur innovation of next-generation water power component technologies, designed for manufacturability and built specifically for marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) systems.”  The projects will address technical challenges in 3 areas:  (1) advanced controls, (2)  crosscutting power take-off (PTO)—which converts mechanical motion into electrical power, and (3) innovative structures. Advancements in MHK technologies are expected to help effectively and sustainably harness increased amounts of renewable energy from waves, tides, and ocean currents, improving performance and reducing the cost of MHK technologies.