The Walls Come A’ Tumblin Down: Implosion of CityCenter’s Harmon?


OK, the walls haven’t come a’ tumblin down yet. But stay tuned.

It wasn’t enough to chop a 47 story building down to 26 floors — in the middle of construction. Engineers for CityCenter, in Las Vegas, have said they need to implode the unfinished building before it collapses in an earthquake. Now, we all know that imploding any building is no trivial task. Imploding a building in the middle of an urban area like downtown Las Vegas is downright daunting. But when the lawyers get involved, it gets so complicated it’ll make your head spin.

The contractors and the subcontractors say that the building can be repaired and made safe. And of course, if the building is imploded, regardless of what the rules of evidence and any jury instructions say, it will be difficult to convince people that it had been repairable.

Steve Green writes about the proceedings here.