Cal. Supreme Court Denies Cert in Pacific Caisson & Shoring, Inc. v. Bernards Bros. Inc.


In late August 2015, the California Supreme Court denied Pacific Caisson & Shoring, Inc.’s (Pacific Caisson) petition for review of the Second Appellate District Court of Appeal’s decision affirming the trial court’s judgment that Pacific Caisson did not substantially comply with the requirement that a contractor be licensed while performing work requiring a license, as contemplated by Section 7031(e) of California’s Contractors’ State License Law, Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 7000 et seq.  The Court of Appeal’s further held that the trial court’s judgment falls within the ambit of Section 7071.17of California’s Contractors’ State License Law; Pacific Caisson’s license was suspended pursuant to Subdivision (b) of Section 7071.1 as an associated license of Gold Coast Drilling, Inc., a licensee with an unreported final judgment imposed against it.