California Liening: The Labor Commissioner’s New Enforcement Tool


The California Labor Commissioner now has more power to enforce  minimum wage requirements and to collect payment for wage-related claims. California Governor Brown’s website confirmed Saturday that he has signed into law special provisions permitting the Labor Commissioner to, among other things, file a lien or levy on an employer’s property in order to assist an employee in collecting unpaid wages-related judgment. The Labor Commissioner has this power regardless of whether the judgment is entered in its favor or in favor of the employee. In addition, if a final judgment against an employer is unsatisfied, as required by the new law, the employer will not be permitted to continue to conduct business in California unless the employer has obtained a bond from a surety company and has filed a copy of that bond with the Labor Commissioner. Contractors beware, the bottom line is that you will not be able to ignore wage-related judgments without potentially significant consequences.

Additional Sources:  Senate Bill 588 (De León)