California’s Governor Signs Into Law More Contractor-Related Bills


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Contractor-related bills recently signed by California’s Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. and chartered into law include:

Assembly Bill 44 Subletting and Subcontracting Fair Practices Act: Bidding Practices: AB 44 amends California’s Public Contract Code 4104 to require that prime contractors specify the contractor license numbers of subcontractors who will perform work on bids for public work projects. Cal Legis Seal.jpg

Assembly Bill 164 Infrastructure Financing: AB 164 extends California’s Little Miller Act by requiring a lease agreement between a governmental agency undertaking an infrastructure project and a private entity to include performance bonds as security to ensure the completion of construction, and payment bonds to secure payment of claims of laborers, mechanics, and materials suppliers employed on the project under contract.

Assembly Bill 433 Contractors: Fire Protection Systems: Fire Safety: State Fire Marshal: AB 433 adds and repeal Business & Professions Code § 7026.13 to, among other things, authorize, until January 1, 2017, the installation of a residential fire protection system for a 1or 2-family dwelling by a contractor holding a fire protection contractor classification or a plumbing contractor classification.

Assembly Bill 811 Excavations: AB 811 amends existing law to require regional notification centers to post on their website statewide information provided by operators and excavators regarding legal violations and damages resulting from violations.

Assembly Bill 1236 Contractors: Limited Liability Companies: AB 1236 amends Contractors State License Law that states insurance policies secured to satisfy limited liability company provisions are required to be written by an insurer or insurers licensed by the State of California and also permits those policies to be written by an eligible surplus insurer.

Senate Bill 822 Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development, Professions and Vocations: Among other things, SB 822 amends Business & Professions Code § 7026.1 to provide that the term “contractor” or “consultant” does not include a common interest development manager, and a common interest development manager is not required to have a contractor’s license when performing management services, as defined in Business & Professions Code § 11500(d).

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Photo: Edward Headington, Taken March 20, 2012 – Creative Commons