CA Prevailing Wage Law ~ Revised Definition of “Construction”


On September 30, 2014, Governor Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr. signed into law California Assembly Bill 26 and Assembly Bill 2272, both of which are effective January 1, 2015. Existing law requiring payment of prevailing wages defines “public work” to include, in part, “[c]onstruction, alteration, demolition, installation, or repair work done under contract and paid for in whole or in part out of public funds…” Cal. Lab. Code § 1720(a). AB 26 redefines “construction” to add “work performed during the postconstruction phases of construction, including, but not limited to, all cleanup work at the jobsite.” Cal. Lab. Code § 1720(a)(1). Existing law otherwise contemplates fines for failure to pay prevailing wages and makes a willful violation of laws relating to the payment of prevailing wages on public works a misdemeanor.

Additional Source: California Department of Industrial Relations, California Prevail Wage Laws