City of Shasta Lake (CA) Issues Notice re Contractor Qualifications for Potable Water Projects


Effective January 1, 2015, all contractors bidding on or performing work within the City of Shasta Lake, California involving connects to or modifications of the City of Shasta Lake’s potable (fit or suitable for drinking) water distribution system will be required to have and to maintain a Water Distribution Operator, Grade 2 certification. This requirement applies to both work performed on the City of Shasta’s system under contract with the City of Shasta and to work for a private developer or property owner. If you have questions, contact Jeff Tedder, City Engineer, 530-275-7423.

Examples of work that require a certification include, but are not limited to:

  • Water distribution or transmission main installation, extension, or replacement
  • Water main fitting, valve, or fire hydrant installation or replacement
  • Miscellaneous work involving depressurizing existing water mains for any reason

Under the regulations adopted in January 2001, becoming certified is a two-step process. The applicant submits an initial application and filing fee to take the required examination. This application will be evaluated to determine if the applicant meets the educational requirement. Once that initial application has been approved, the applicant will be permitted to take the examination. If the applicant passes the examination, he/she will have 3 years (from the date of the exam) to submit the second application and filing fee, and to obtain the certification. The second application is evaluated for the experience portion of the certification requirement. If the applicant has fulfilled the experience requirement, he/she will be issued a certificate; if the applicant has not fulfilled the experience requirement, he/she will have 1 year (from the date the second application was submitted) to obtain the required experience.

Contractors are cautioned that the certification process takes several months due to exam scheduling requirements. Distribution exams are offered twice a year in March and September and the final filing date for the March exam is January 1 and the final filing date for the September exam is July 1; and treatment exams are offered twice a year in May and November and the final filing date for the May exam is March 1 and the final filing date for the November exam is September 1.

For additional information on the certification process, check out the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Drinking Water Treatment & Distribution System Operators resource webpage, which includes information on continuing education, training and guidance, exam information, operator certification information (including the regulations), and the treatment exam application and distribution exam application.

The Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution System Operator Certification Program is located at 1001 I Street, 17th Floor, Sacramento, California, 95814. For general information or inquiries, contact the Operator Certification Program at:

Operator Certification Program – Drinking Water (OpCert)
State Water Resources Control Board P.O. Box 944212 Sacramento, CA 94244-2120 Telephone: (916) 449-5611 Fax: (916) 449-5654

Additional Resource: City of Shasta Lake, California