Construction during a Pandemic – Pillsbury’s 50-State Survey of COVID-19 Impact on Construction Services (UPDATED)


Pillsbury continues to track the impact on construction projects of COVID-19-related orders and guidance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia as well as guidance from CISA and OSHA. We are updating our chart weekly. Click here for the latest COVID-19 Construction Chart.

July 27 update Now updated bi-weekly.

July 14 update More updates.

July 7 update This week’s chart includes updates to state orders. Although a few states have reversed course or paused their reopening plans in the face of a resurgence of the virus, so far none of those states’ orders have impacted construction.

June 29 update More updates.

June 22 update More updates on various reopening orders and guidance.

June 16 update – The chart is updated to include various reopening orders and guidance.

June 9 update In addition to tracking orders and guidance in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, this week’s update also includes the OSHA’s new COVID-19-related guidance for Construction Work.

May 27 update As we pivot toward less shelter in place orders and more reopening orders, more and more states are also issuing guidance for implementing safety measures on construction projects. Pillsbury modified its chart to include a column describing any state-issued guidance and some guidance from large cities. As described in our client alert Safety Measures for Construction Projects During the COVID-19 Pandemic, construction sites will be very different under the “new normal.”

May 18 update As more states are reopening, more states are also issuing guidelines for construction projects.

May 11 update This past week, multiple states extended States of Emergency or Stay at Home Orders, while simultaneously issuing orders regarding reopening their states. Because construction was deemed essential in the majority of the states, many reopening orders have very little direct impact. However, even in states where construction was never ordered to cease, orders have nevertheless included construction in their reopening focus.

May 4 update Many states saw action—or intentional inaction—this past week as it relates to COVID-19-related governmental orders. Some states allowed construction to resume, some allowed orders to expire or replaced orders with less restrictive orders, some states extended orders, and some states implemented phased reopening.

April 27 update Multiples states extended their existing orders closing nonessential businesses and a few states issued orders or guidance specific to the construction industry.

April 21 update Like almost everything in the COVID-19 crisis, the construction landscape changes daily. Last week saw multiple states extending their existing orders regarding closure of nonessential. Other states issued roadmaps and frameworks with an eye toward reopening closed businesses. And a few states issued updated guidance. CISA issued updated guidance 3.0.

April 16 Pillsbury published Construction During COVID-19: Is it Essential?, which analyzes the impacts to construction projects as a result of orders in the 50 states and Washington, DC.