California Contractors State License Board To Discuss Legislative Developments May 19


The California Contractors State License Board issued notice of its upcoming Legislative Committee Meeting:

Friday, May 19, 2017, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 am
(or until the conclusion of business)
Contractors State License Board HQ, John C. Hall Hearing Room
9821 Business Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95827

At the meeting, the CSLB is expected to discuss:

  1. A.B. 710 (Wood) Department of Consumer Affairs: Board Meetings
  2. A.B. 996 (Cunningham) Contractors Licensing Board Web Site: Search Function
  3. A.B. 1005 (Calderon) Professions and Vocations: Fines: Relief
  4. A.B. 1070 (Gonzalez) Contractors (“solar energy system disclosure document”)
  5. A.B. 1162 (Bocanegra) Electrical Contractors: Local Permits
  6. A.B. 1190 (Obernolte) Department of Consumer Affairs: BreEZe System
  7. A.B. 1278 (Low) Contractor Licensing: Final Judgments
  8. A.B. 1357 (Chu) Home Inspectors: Roofing Contractors: Roof Inspections
  9. S.B. 27 (Morrell) Professions and Vocations: Licenses: Military Service
  10. S.B. 486 (Monning) Contractors State License Law: Letter of Admonishment
  11. S.B. 715 (Newman) Regulatory Boards: Removal of Board Members
  12. S.B. 721 (Hill) Contractors: Decks and Balconies: Inspection
  13. S.B. 800 (Business, Professions & Economic Development) Professions & Vocations

This meeting will be open to the public except when specifically noticed otherwise. Members of the public are permitted to address the Committee during the public comment session; however, the total time allocated for public comment may be limited at the discretion of each Committee Chair.