Friday Favorites–Pet-Friendly Design: Whose House is it Anyway?


Today’s post is for anyone who has ever looked around their house and imagined how much more fun it could be made for their pet with just a little time, money, and effort. Yes, today’s post is for me, I admit it.

Beginning with perhaps the least extravagant and easiest do-it-yourself project, from Ilana DeBare at Berkeleyside, we have the “catio”, an outdoor enclosure designed to let cats enjoy being outside while keeping the cats (and the neighborhood birds) safe. Lest you think this is just another Berkeley phenomenon, check out “Catios offer cats a secure way to enjoy the outdoors” from Michelle Spitzer at the Associated Press.

Laura Moss over at mother nature network has some great photos of tiny homes for feral cats designed by New York architects (including a time machine!).

Giving dogs their due, Janet Eastman’s article at the Oregonian on “unleashing pet designs,” includes some creative ideas for dog owners. Dogwash tunnel anyone? No? Then Beth J. Harpaz of the Associated Press has some more down-to-earth tips on pet-friendly furniture here at “Pet-owner challenge: buying new furniture.”

And finally, check out the amazing house in Margot Peppers’ Daily Mail article about a “purr-fect paradise.” My favorite part is the shark-mouth hideaway in the bathroom.

From everybody here at G2G, have a great weekend!