Green New Deal – Full Language –


Here’s the visionary “Green New Deal” of the Green Party, apparently drafted sometime in 2016 and which has attracted some support. The centerpiece of this program is the transition to a 100% clean, renewable energy base. These ideas are generating some comment.

The plan would eliminate “non-essential individual means of transport,” and electrify everything. There is an urgent need to increase the generation of offshore wind energy, which has been slowed by an “over-reliance on market forces.”

A huge public jobs program would be funded by the federal government at a cost estimated to be $28.6 billion to create 1 million new public jobs. In addition, the military budget would be cut at least in half, allowing service men and women to be redeployed to their own communities.

A carbon fee will generate revenue and also reflect the costs to the environment of fossil fuels, and there will be increased taxes on the wealthy and higher estate taxes.