Indianapolis DCE Offers Electronic Submittal Option for Contractor License Renewals


The Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement (DCE), which is responsible for licensing persons and business organizations engaged in construction activity in the Consolidated City of Indianapolis, Marion County, is offering a new electronic submittal option for contractors’ license renewal applications.

Indianapolis DCE’s contractor license renewal process is as follows:

  • Email your renewal application, insurance certificated and bond to DCE
  • DCE staff will review your renewal application, update your information and add the appropriate fees to your contractor’s license ~ if additional information is required, you will receive an email identifying the additional information that is needed to process your renewal application
  • Once its review of your renewal application is complete, you will receive an email from the DCE confirming that it is ready to re-new your license ~ the title of the email will be “Your License is Ready to Re-Issue” and it will include a link to the DCE website where you may pay the renewal fee
  • You may pay the renewal fee online with a credit/debit card or eCheck
  • After you pay the renewal fee, you will receive an email with your license card attached

This new process is expected to streamline contractors’ license renewals and to avoid licensees having to go into a DCE office to renew their contractors’ licenses.

If you have questions, contact the DCE or call (317) 327-1291.

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