Money in search of a Project


A funny thing happened at a recent ENRNewYork infrastructure conference titled Where’s the Money? — they found some. During a panel discussion concerning infrastructure financing, both Robert Dove, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group and Christophe Petit, President, Star America Infrastructure Partners, told the large audience that they had “money to spend” on infrastructure projects. Indeed, both men suggested that they were eager to find an infrastructure project in which to invest.

Interestingly, both men were looking for very different project profiles. Mr. Dove stated a desire to invest in brown field projects only, whereas Mr. Petit wants green field projects. Given the amount of money these two men represent, there is a very attractive opportunity for the promoter of the right project.

In light of this and the money Presidents Obama and Clinton have pledged to raise for infrastructure projects (see Michael McNamara’s 11/5/11 entry), perhaps some should be saying Show me the Project!!.