Ninth Circuit Denies Without Prejudice, Government’s Mandamus Petition to Stop the Oregon Climate Change Case Brought by Minors


Today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued its opinion in In re United States of America. As summarized by the Ninth Circuit, “twenty one young plaintiffs” filed a complaint in the Portland, OR federal district court alleging that the defendant Executive Branch officials have known for many years that the burning of fossil fuels destabilizes the climate – contributing to climate change, violating their constitutional rights. The Government sought mandamus relief in the Ninth Circuit, “anticipating burdensome discovery,” and a stay of this litigation.

The Ninth Circuit denied relief, believing that it is best to let this litigation continue — at least for a while — and to more fully develop the record. The Ninth Circuit assures the Government that there are remedies available in the trial court and the Ninth Circuit if they are needed.