NV Licensing Board to Discuss Proposed Amendments to NAC 624.170 Concerning Remodel of High Rise Buildings


The Nevada State Contractors Board, at its meeting scheduled for October 23, 2014, at 8:45 a.m. by video conference at two of the Board’s offices, is expected to discuss, in its Executive Session, proposed amendments to Nevada Administrative Code § 624.170 concerning remodel of high rise buildings for possible action.

Currently, NAC § 624.170 addresses Class B general building contractor subclassifications and the work authorized for persons licensed in the respective subclassifications:

1.  PREMANUFACTURED HOUSING (subclassification B-1): The fitting, assembling, placement and installing of premanufactured units, modular parts and their appurtenances for the erection of residential buildings which do not extend more than three stories above the ground.
2.  RESIDENTIAL AND SMALL COMMERCIAL (subclassification B-2): The construction and remodeling of houses and other structures which support, shelter or enclose persons or animals or other chattels, and which do not extend more than three stories above the ground and one story below the ground.
3.  SPECULATIVE BUILDING (subclassification B-3): The construction upon property owned by the contractor of structures for sale or speculation.
4.  SERVICE STATIONS (subclassification B-4): The construction of structures and installation of equipment used to perform service upon vehicles.
5.  PREFABRICATED STEEL STRUCTURES (subclassification B-5): The construction with prefabricated steel of structures to be used for the support, shelter or enclosure of persons or animals or other chattels.

Nevada State Contractors Board Office Locations:

2310 Corporate Circle, Suite 200
Henderson, Nevada 89074
9670 Gateway Drive, Suite 100 Reno, Nevada 89521

Additional Source: Nevada State Contractors Board Notice of Meeting (Oct. 23, 2014).