Quick Reference Lien Charts


Clients call from time to time with questions about liens that have been filed on their property, or about liens that they want to file. The questions follow a pattern. What is the deadline to file a lien? What about foreclosing? Can a lower tier subcontractor file a lien? Does the lien claimant have to file a preclaim notice? I got one of these questions recently and sent the in house attorney a card stock printout of our quick lien reference chart for the three jurisdictions closest to my office: Virginia, DC, and Maryland. She found it so useful that she put it on her bulletin board in her office.

Given how useful most clients find this information, we decided to post it. You can see it to the right under the “Resources/Links” tab. Our California construction lawyers prepared a similar chart a couple of years ago when California revamped its lien laws. They are going to convert that into a format that looks like the VA/DC/MD one. And then we’ll also prepare one for the northeast, where our New York area construction lawyers frequently answer similar questions.

So, check back for these quick reference charts. We think you’ll find them useful.