Real Estate & Construction News Round-Up (05/11/22)


The supply of homes for sale is on the uptick, the White House releases a plan to improve the permitting process for infrastructure projects, cryptocurrency opens the door to a new class of property owners, and more.

  • Though the number of active listings is still down 67% from pre-pandemic levels, the supply of homes for sale is finally showing signs of improvement. (Diana Olick, CNBC)
  • Large corporations and institutional investors are flocking to buy digital real estate, with parcels being bought faster than they can be created. (Dan Patterson, CBS News)
  • London-based company, Admix, has been purchasing real estate in various Metaverse platforms and leasing them to companies interested in becoming involved in the online virtual space. (Nate Berg, Fast Company)
  • The European Commission is gearing up to propose a new legislative package designed to increase the use of renewables and energy savings, while recognizing the CO2-reducing potential of the building sector. (Sustainability Times)
  • The White House released a plan that entails improving the permitting process for infrastructure projects, while maintaining rigorous environmental reviews. (Rachel Frazin, The Hill)
  • Companies such as Lofty AI are looking to use blockchain technology to create a new form of digital ownership and investment in real estate. (David Ingram, NBC News)
  • As companies continue investing billions of dollars in the Metaverse, it will attract increased scrutiny from global regulators and policy makers. (Robert Howard, David Wright and Craig de Ridder, Gravel2Gavel)