Real Estate & Construction News Round-Up (09/21/22) – 3D Printing, Sustainable Design, and the Housing Market Correction


The first 3D-printed home is under construction, construction contractors could face liability for not securing employee data, the housing market correction continues, and more.

  • Sustainable home design has become key focus of builders and homeowners, helping reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts. (Kristi Waterworth, U.S.News)
  • Construction contractors could face legal consequences for failing to manage employee data correctly. (Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Construction Dive)
  • The home price correction continues to spread across the U.S., with an interactive map showcasing local housing markets that have been impacted. (Lance Lambert, Fortune)
  • With concerns of a recession looming over the real estate industry, PropTech’s investment future also remains uncertain. (Emily Gallagher, Propmodo)
  • A construction 3D printer gantry is building a Houston home, which will be the first multi-story, 3D-printed structure in the U.S., with wood framing also incorporated. (James Dean, Cornell Chronicle)


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