Real Estate & Construction News Round-Up (11/30/22) – Proptech Trends, Green Construction, and Sustainable Buildings


This week’s round-up explores 4 key trends expected to impact proptech in 2023, global investment in green construction technologies, sustainable buildings and their perceived value for tenants in Europe, and more.

  • Sitting at the crossroads between real estate and technology, proptech has experienced significant growth, which is expected to accelerate via 4 key trends in 2023. (Zain Jaffer, Forbes)
  • Global investment in green construction technologies reached $2.2 billion in 2022, with legislation and technological innovation serving as the key driving forces behind this growth. (Jennifer Kite-Powell, Forbes)
  • In Europe, sustainable buildings have increased the asset values for commercial real estate managers, with tenants willing to pay more for efficient buildings. (David Worford, Environment + Energy Leader)
  • Interest rates, inflation and the possibility of a recession are speculated to be the top 3 factors most affecting the commercial property sector. (Tony Cantu, MPA Magazine)
  • With commercial real estate experiencing a downturn, total U.S. construction is expected to drop 3% in 2023, according to the Dodge Construction Outlook. (Sebastian Obando, Construction Dive)
  • With the housing market cooling, agents struggle to find listings as deals decline and mortgage rates remain high, possibly signaling to leaner times ahead. (Prashant Gopal, Bloomberg Law)


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