Social Media, Not Just For Everyone Else


Many of you who read blogs and other on-line publications likely understand the power of social media. Is it a tool in your company’s tool belt? Amy Pierce June 2 2014.jpgWhat are your reasons for using social media? How are you using it? And, if not, why not?

Important reasons for embracing and/or changing the way you view social media may include:

  • Building networks, making connections, fostering existing relationships, developing leads, and filling your pipeline with your company’s next big project
  • Connecting with the next generation of clients — Are You Battling for the Millennials’ Spending Power?
  • Sharing company news with the world, including showcasing your quality projects — Hint: Include pictures — A View Into the Different Worlds of Construction
  • Voicing your opinion on industry-related developments to effect change
  • Establishing and fostering your company’s reputation, which may include building goodwill in your community and elsewhere
  • Collecting information on what people are saying about your company so that you can continue to grow and change as your company and clients do
  • Engaging your employees with relevant information about your company, including its goals and successes
  • Recruiting new talent
  • Last, but certainly not least, competing with others in the industry that are using social media to set themselves apart

Popular social media platforms currently being used by the industry include:

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