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transportationLet’s say you run a business, but public transit doesn’t serve your location very well. You want to offer transportation to your customers or your employees. Maybe you want to offer an airport shuttle to customers or pick up employees for their daily commute in vans or buses. Maybe you want to build an aerial gondola to a baseball stadium and charge riders to use it. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who wants to sell transportation to other businesses or to the public. You need to know how different kinds of transportation services are regulated, and who regulates them.

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Over the last few decades, there have been more than a few proposals seeking to limit or remove the protections Proposition 13 affords to some types of real estate. In their recent client alert, colleagues Craig A. Becker and Breann E. Robowski examine Initiative 17-0055, which would make two significant changes to California’s property tax system, including the elimination of Prop 13 protection for commercial and industrial real estate.

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