WA L&I Gives Guidance re Electrical Permit Requirements for HVAC Replacements and Retrofits


The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries recently confirmed that has been some confusion voiced about when the term “associated” in the phrase “associated Class 2 low voltage wiring,” added in recent revisions to the scope of work for Class B labels in W.A.C. § 296-46B-908, applies to the low voltage cable.  In its Electrical Currents newsletter, Volume 19, No. 8 (August 2015), it confirms that the term “associated” means “only the cable originally connected to the united listed on the Class B label may be extended or replaced to accommodate the replacement unit.  It does not include new cable installed to a new unit.”  It provides two scenarios with the options for permit requirements  (i.e., (1) a like-in-kind replace of a single furnace, heating unit, air condition, or heat pump, and (2) a like-in-kind replacement of a single furnace, along with the installation of a new air condition or heat pump), and includes an explanation for each.