What is all this hyPPPe about Public-Private Partnerships?


The construction industry is abuzz with talk of alternative funding mechanisms, specifically Public-Private Partnerships, aka PPP, aka P3s. The AGC PPP Task Force recently developed a White Paper to outline issues that contractors will confront with PPPs.  Contractors should be knowledgeable about PPPs – not just from a contractor’s perspective – but also from an entrepreneurial perspective.

As noted recently by our colleagues in Pillsbury’s Global Sourcing group:

“PPPs, if managed well by both SLGs [State and Local Governments] and service providers, can offer significant benefits to both parties, and ultimately the public-at-large. Realizing this potential will require changes in paradigms and behaviors on both sides of the table (SLGs acting more like businesses; service providers acting more like entrepreneurs). Those who are ready to embrace the future will be well-positioned to catch this building wave.”

The full article can be found here.  Are you in the best position to “catch the wave”?