With or without you — State and local governments aren’t waiting for the feds; they’re investing in infrastructure now.


Maybe this is the ying to the yang of the American Society of Civil Engineers report that Paul Levin blogged about earlier this week. The Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young just published Infrastructure 2012: Spotlight on Leadership, in which they detail how state and local governments have decided not to wait for funding from the federal government. It has become like Waiting for Godot (or perhaps Waiting for Guffman). In a Presidential election year the federal government is even more gridlocked than normal — if you can believe that.

But that gridlock doesn’t slow down the rate of decay of our infrastructure, so state and local governments are finding ways to get’r done. These range from old fashioned taxes and bonds to Public Private Partnerships. Of course, no one likes taxes and some object to public private partnerships as selling off our infrastructure. But remember, when a private company finances a road, they can’t roll it up and take it home.

If you don’t have time to read the 70 page report, you can see a condensed writeup about it here.