Building Women…Up


Pillsbury would like to congratulate the winners of the “Built by Women” contest in DC, which highlights women’s contributions to the city of Washington D.C in the areas of architecture, engineering, womeninconstructionconstruction, and real estate. Categories include Civic, Commercial, Cultural, Institutional, Landscape, Mixed-Use, Residential, Transportation, Urban Design.  The Built By Women initiative was started by the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation to celebrate the contributions of women to the built environment and to support women pursing building professions.

You can view the full list of winners on the BWAF website here.  Additionally, the National Building Museum will honor the winning sites in the historic Great Hall the weekend of March 19 and 20.  Congratulations to all of the winning women on your accomplishments and contributions to D.C.’s built environment.

Photo:  University Salford Press Office, Women in Construction – Creative Commons