DeMuth’s Perspective on Administrative Law


The issue of the relentless growth and penetration of administrative law remains a compelling topic for those operating in heavily regulated industries like the construction industry. Chris DeMuth, a Fellow at the Hudson Institute, recently wrote Can the Administrative State be Tamed?, an interesting essay in which Demuth provides his perspective on this topic. The administrative state has continued its inexorable growth regardless of whether the President is a Democrat or a Republican. Demuth’s essay was recently published in the Journal of Legal Analysis. It does not address last year’s King v. Burwell decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, which held that some legislation is too fundamentally important to give an agency “Chevron Deference” when it interprets the law it is implementing, but it does mention a Department of Agriculture regulation requiring magicians using rabbits in their acts to prepare and submit to the appropriate authorities a disaster response and contingency plan.

Additional Source: Complexities of Administrative State Lead to Win for Regulated Community