Real Estate & Construction News Round-Up (05/18/22)


Businesses renovate office spaces at a historic pace, China plans to build a 3D-printed hydropower dam without human workers, the U.S. infrastructure package has thousands of projects underway, and more.

  • Miami’s crypto-real estate boom has been challenging all conventional wisdoms as the price of crypto currencies like Bitcoin have surged, which could spill over into other popular real estate markets. (Peter Lane Taylor, Forbes)
  • China is planning to build the world’s first 3D-printed hydropower dam in Tibet, with an AI-powered design and no human workers. (Matthew Loh, Business Insider)
  • With the hybrid work model here to stay, businesses are having their offices renovated at a historic pace. (Joe Dyton, Connected Real Estate Magazine)
  • New property technology is being piloted to reduce the carbon footprint of the federal government’s 300,000 buildings. (Nate Berg, Fast Company)
  • Six months after the signing of the $1 trillion infrastructure package, the U.S. government relayed there are 4,300 projects underway. (CBS News)
  • The metaverse continues to provide a new way of participating firsthand in virtual reality, mainly through digital storefronts, gaming, and entertainment, while also yielding real-world benefits. (Sean Finn, Forbes)