Real Estate & Construction News Round-Up (11/09/22) – Fractional NFTs, Infrastructure Lobbying, and Experimental Retail


This week’s round-up dives into NFT fractionalization and its potential benefit to increase accessibility in real estate investing, lobbying efforts surrounding Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) funding, experimental retail spaces, and more.

  • Fractional NFTs, an iteration of NFTs that enable multiple investors to own a piece of a single token, are reducing the barrier to entry for investing in real-world assets. (Anthony Clarke, Cointelegraph)
  • The real estate sector is increasing its focus on the resilience of assets, following the market’s unpredictability over the last few years and deepening risk spectrum. (Kalin Bracken, The World Economic Forum)
  • The passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, along with the billions of dollars it’s made available for competitive awards, has kickstarted one of the largest lobbying pushes in years. (Alex Daugherty & John Hendel, Politico)
  • Experimental retail is on the rise as consumers have demanded more versatility in their shopping experience and transitioned away from traditional brick and mortar locations. (Nathaniel Mallon, Real Estate Weekly)
  • The share of new homes on the market surged to record levels last quarter as mortgage rates jumped to a 22-year high, pushing builders to offload homes with steep incentives and at lower prices to attract prospective buyers. (Jonathan Ponciano, Forbes)
  • With real estate driving approx. 40% of global carbon emissions and unsustainable buildings facing increasing devaluation, decarbonizing the sector has become a key priority for developers. (Kalin Bracken, The World Economic Forum)
  • In effort to support struggling developers and ease liquidity woes, China expanded a key financing support program aimed at private firms, including real estate companies. (Bloomberg)


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