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Motel-565882567-e1648218576751-300x224Single asset real estate (SARE) is a unique classification under the Bankruptcy Code with implications for both debtors and lenders. SARE classification is apparent for a property such as a shopping center, apartment complex or office building where the debtor’s income is generated exclusively from real estate operations, but is less apparent for a hospitality property where the debtor may provide incidental services. Although a full-service hotel with a pool, fitness center and restaurant is not a SARE property, recent trends indicate that even hourly motels offering little-to-no onsite amenities may not qualify for SARE classification. Because SARE classification is viewed as providing lenders with distinct advantages in a chapter 11 case, property owners seeking chapter 11 protection to reorganize often try to avoid that classification, while lenders seek to impose it through sometimes costly litigation.

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