Whoop, Whoop! California CSLB Nearing 1 Million Contractors License Milestone


In its Spring 2014 newsletter, the California Contractors State License Board announced that “[w]ithin the next year, CSLB will have issued one million licenses since its creation in 1929. That means someone who is obtaining, renewing or changing a license status with CSLB during this time will be license recipient No. 1000000.” As of the date it published its Newsletter, the CSLB had issued “nearly 992,000 licenses.” It projected that, “[a]t its present rate, the one millionth license likely will be issued around Jan. 1, 2015.” Will you be the one to end up with the bragging rights that your California contractor’s license number is 1,000,000? The CSLB confirmed that “[w]hoever is the ‘lucky’ one millionth license holder will get a mention and picture in a future newsletter.”

Additional Source: CSLB, One Million Licenses: CSLB Nears Milestone Mark (Apr. 3, 2014)