Real Estate & Construction News Round-Up (01/25/23) – Artificial Intelligence, Proptech Innovation, and Drone Adoption


This week’s round-up explores new artificial intelligence tools and their projected impact on real estate agents, key trends driving proptech innovation, barriers to adopting drones in the construction industry, and more.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to become an invaluable tool to streamline the selling journey of a property, empower buyers to make informed decisions, and enhance the work of real estate agents. (Alexandra Cain, The Urban Developer)
  • Miami real estate agents experiment with the new artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT, which can generate text based on simple prompts, to write house listings, communicate with developers, and produce content. (Martin Vassolo, Axios)
  • Asset owners in Asia and Europe turn to artificial intelligence to collect ESG information across public and private markets, including from residential buildings in Japan. (Hugo Cox, Asian Investor)
  • 3 key trends drive proptech innovation as it continues to impact how commercial real estate owners navigate an industry that’s becoming more technology reliant. (Will Moxley, Forbes)
  • The use of drones in the construction industry has been increasing by more than 200% annually in recent years, but 6 key barriers slow its adoption rates. (Scott Howe, Commercial UAV News)
  • The construction industry faces an increasing problem of slow payment collection due to lack of digital processes, which is negatively impacting cash flow stability and business growth. (PYMNTS)


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