Real Estate & Construction News Round-Up 03/16/22


The popular term “PropTech” is projected to disappear as real estate digitization continues, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the U.S. housing market is analyzed, China’s home prices continue to fall, and more.

  • A research economist dives into the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and decline in international real estate transactions on the U.S. housing market. (National Association of Realtors, Scholastica “Gay” Cororaton)
  • The term “PropTech” is projected to disappear as real estate players integrate technologies into their activities to the point where no building can be planned, leased or managed without them. (Forbes, Bogdan Nicoară)
  • In Phoenix’s hot housing market, real estate investors are turning to new tools that help them quickly buy, repair and rent out large portfolios of homes. (Bloomberg, Patrick Sisson)
  • Multifamily businesses who accelerate their digital transformation by adopting PropTech will fuel their growth as it automates tasks, meets changing renter needs and improves overall operations. (Forbes, Demetri Themelis)
  • Evidence is mounting that real estate value is getting disrupted by carbon emissions, occupant health, and climate risk and resilience, and that trend is likely to increase in the coming years, making sustainability becomes a top agenda item for real estate investors. (Commercial Property Executive, Lori Mabardi)
  • China’s home prices fell at a faster pace in February, as easing measures failed to prevent the property industry downturn from worsening. (Bloomberg)